By Joseph Carroll ‘19

It’s crazy to think that the seniors will soon walk through those Brother Rice doors for the last time. As our last year of high school comes to an end, we look back at all the ups and downs.

Being the oldest Crusaders in the building comes with its perks. We are regarded as the leaders of the school, but the responsibility falls on us. Even though we are looked up to by our fellow Crusaders, the worst part is that it only lasts for one year. After May 10, the seniors are gone for good.

Although it doesn’t hit you until later in the year, you will start to miss this place. The place where you have roamed for 720 days over the past four years. The place where you have made friends that will last long after your days here. It’s important to take things in, and realize that time always goes faster than you think.

Keeping up your grades is still in your best interest. If you plan to attend college, they will look at your senior year grades. Honestly, though, senior year is the perfect time to improve your grades. The reason I say that is because you can take specific classes that you actually enjoy and may even be relevant to what you plan to do in the future.

For example, I had the privilege to take English IV Journalism, Vietnam and Accounting, three classes where I learned a lot and found the material interesting. While the course load is worse than any other year (in my opinion), there is more leeway with what you study.

A great part of senior year is all the events. Going along with being the leaders of the school, you get to partake in events that are senior-exclusive. For example, I had the privilege to go to Donuts with Mr. Donahue, which was one of the highlights of my year. How many students could say they had a civil discussion about making the school a better place with their own president? Experiences like these embody what Brother Rice stand for.

My parting words would be to not take this opportunity for granted. As a senior, I have finally started to realize that what you learn here will be valuable forever. I have always appreciated my classmates and teachers, but as a senior, I have developed a newfound respect knowing that we may never see each other again. Know that your teachers want to see you succeed above all else.

Next year, I will be going to The University of Illinois at Chicago. I loved the school when I visited, and it was the perfect fit. Senior year has prepared me to take on the future, and it was a year that I will never forget. While I might forget the math formulas or the vocabulary, what I will never forget is the countless memories I have made this year. Go Crusaders!