By Jack Aler ‘19

My senior year was overall an amazing cap to my high school career.

Every day at Brother Rice has been filled with memories, so it will be hard to narrow them down to my favorites.

A group of favorite experiences I have were made at Brother Rice football games. We were lucky enough to have an amazing football team this year.

As per usual, seniors are supposed to be in charge of the fan section. I feel that I was a leader of the Crusader Crazies, so it was awesome to have a great team to cheer on.

Through cheering for our team, many themes were presented. One of these themes was “Braveheart.” I had to wear a McAuley skirt and face paint. It felt silly at the time, especially since I was not wearing a shirt and it was like 10 degrees outside, but it has been saved as a great memory.

Not caring what you look like while getting ready for a Rice game is a rite of passage for all seniors that I was proud to partake in.

One night, sometime in the middle of the season, the Brother Rice game was about to be rained out. It was a Friday night where no one had plans besides this game. A group of us decided to wait it out, because they hadn’t technically called the game yet.

There was only five seniors that stayed. Then sometime at about 9:30 p.m., the game began.

We ended up winning, and while we were in the stands something great happened.

Our dean, Doc Mathius, came over to us and gave us a “get out of jail free card.” We stayed the entire time and he knew, so it was awesome to be recognized.

This card is good for one detention to be revoked. My plan is to hold onto this until my kid goes to Brother Rice and does something stupid. I can then hand over the card and bail him out.

To that you may say, “Doc isn’t going to be here in like 30 years.” I wouldn’t be so sure though. Doc is most likely going to live forever.

The final memory of Brother Rice football was the state championship game. When we were in this game losing by a lot in the fourth quarter. I, along with other Crazies leaders, started the chant “We Love Rice.”

That was an important time because we all came together for one final time. Mr. Dunne pointed this out and I fully agree.

Of course besides football, many other experiences made my senior year memorable.

As captain of the art club, I worked on our senior project every week on Monday or Tuesday mornings. Many months passed, but one day we finished our project. It was a beautiful collection of pictures from our campus arranged into our school Crusader logo.  We then got it signed by all of our students, and now the finished product will be displayed on our campus for all eternity.

The biggest advice I have for all underclassmen is get involved. I know people tell you this all the time, but it is true.

As you see, my greatest memories were of things I did through clubs or sports. Getting involved will make your experience in high school and life all the more better.