By Timmy O’Hara ‘24

Shadow Day is very important for grammar-schoolers to look at a school to see if that is where they want to spend the next four years of their lives.

The young students are able to see the school during a regular school day. They experience everything that happens on a regular basis.

The young kids are able to witness a high school level education. They can make sure that they truly want to attend the high school they shadow. They look for the school and its qualities, but also for the students and how they act and treat others.

Seventh grader Jack Boyer said, “I like how they had a normal school day and did not try to make exceptions for the shadows.”

The teachers carry on their normal day and teach the students. The shadows get to see the different teaching styles along with the different subjects. The shadows appreciate the school day and look forward to their future.

If a kid knows that he will be in honors or academic, then he is recommended to shadow a student who is in those classes. This helps the young student see if it is what he wants to do and if he is able to handle the workload.

Senior Tommy McMahon said, “I believe that shadows should have a broad interest and be open minded to all the activities and clubs we have here at Brother Rice.”

Shadows also have a lot of fun. They love to talk with the students at Brother Rice. All of them are friendly, and they feel this way because of the Brother Rice students.

The shadows are allowed to meet some upper and lower classmen. This allows them to meet some new friends and also people they may attend school with.

The grammar-schoolers see the high school and all of its resources. They see the various classrooms, the gyms, the pool, the library, and the cafeteria. These are all things that typical grammar-schoolers do not see or use daily.

Senior Diego Hernandez said, “I love showing the shadows the resources of the school, and showing them how to use them.”

Every student at Brother Rice allows the shadows to feel comfortable and not afraid. Brother Rice opens its doors to the shadows with open arms.

The young students are able to see Brother Rice as it truly is.