By Nick Niego ‘23

Brother Rice hosted its last official big shadow day on Monday, Feb. 20, and it was a great day for shadows and students.

Grade school students were dropped off at the main gym in the morning and picked up by their host, and the day started from there.

Over 100 kids from 36 different schools attended Brother Rice to experience what the brotherhood is all about.

When asked about the shadow day, Patrick Malloy from Christ the King, said, “The experience has been fun. I’ve learned a lot about Brother Rice and what goes on during the day.”

Joey Sellers from Most Holy Redeemer said, “It was a good experience because I am at the best high school.”

The shadows followed their hosts class-to-class to understand the daily life of a crusader.

Max Rees from Christ the King said, “My favorite class was math because it was very chill with a fun teacher.” Brother Rice is a popular school to shadow because of its great academics and sports.

Tommy Durkin from Most Holy Redeemer said, “Brother Rice is the best school on the Southside.”

Brother Rice provided free lunches for all shadows.

Marty Thomas from St. Catherine said, “The free lunch was good. We got fries, chicken tenders, and a cookie. It was very kind of Brother Rice to do this.”

After the shadows ate their lunch, there were bouncy houses and games in the North gym.

Case Cosme from Christ the King said, “The bouncy house was a fun time. It was lit, and we got to play basketball.”

The day was a lot of fun and Brother Rice hopes more shadows will come out to see the great opportunities the school offers.