By Connor Glennon ‘20

Well, I must say it does feel weird writing a reflection on a story written about me, so let’s change the script a little bit.

While it is really cool to see your name and picture in the paper, it is even cooler to share the moment with those who helped you get there. For me, my family has been everything up to this point. My father has taught me everything I know about life and basketball. My sister has always made the game a little more fun than anybody else did. My mother has never missed a game and never questioned why I needed to spend so much money on training. My brother competed to his best ability every time he stepped on the court.

Without them, I am not who I am.

They laid the foundation.

They did all the hard work; I just executed.

Their names didn’t come up very much in the article, but they are a bigger piece to this than anything else. I could not be more thankful to have them in my corner.

Because of them, I will continue to strive.

With them, I will continue to fight.