By Justin Hardiek ‘21

The annual winter break ski trip looked a little different this year than in the past.

Normally, most ski resorts in the Midwest open around the middle of November. This year proved to be much different with most resorts opening late December to early January. This is almost a two month gap, which are costly days missed when ideal days for skiing are hard to come by.

Alpine Valley in Wisconsin was the agreed on destination, and on Dec. 29, we all arrived looking to have a good time.

Senior Brennan O’Malley said, “Alpine Ski Resort is easily the best place to ski in the Midwest. The terrain park is gnarly and the slopes are in perfect condition.”

Covid protocols and guidelines provide a different ski experience than most people are used to.

Masks were required to be worn the whole time, whether you were inside the lodge or outside on the slopes. Capacity was also limited to ensure the safest ski experience amongst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Senior Frank Cunnea said, “It was an odd experience seeing everyone in a mask. I am used to smiling at people while shredding the slopes.”

Even with multiple Covid protocols in place, the ski experience was relatively similar to previous years. All of the lifts were open, allowing for easy transport of people up the mountain. Fake snow produced by the resort allowed for a perfect start to the day, but it wouldn’t be needed with a large snowstorm arriving in the night.

With the conditions being almost ideal, even beginner skiers were able to enjoy themselves. Alpine does not have the toughest runs of all time, and this benefits the newer skiers. The balance of difficulty and medium-to-easy runs allows Alpine to offer something for about everyone.

Senior Will Stubitsch said, “I like seeing how people who haven’t skied progress throughout the day. Danny and Quinn both hadn’t skied before, but you couldn’t tell by dark. Danny’s athleticism made it easy for him to become a great skier in only hours.”

Even with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, getting out to the slopes to ski is a must do activity this winter.