By Jimmy Hogan ‘22

Over this past week, the Chicagoland area was hit with massive amounts of snow. The Brother Rice community was also affected by this snowfall.

Last week school was canceled on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday the snow hit our area very hard. This included 10 inches of snow with the streets being backed up. This forced Brother Rice to fully cancel school last Wednesday.

The snow continued into the night and the early morning so schools in the area decided on asynchronous e-learning on Thursday. This was the first e-learning since the pandemic.

Many Brother Rice students were also affected by the snowfall with certain side streets not being plowed.

A couple of Brother Rice students talked about how their snow days were. Senior Colin Ashley said, “The snow was falling so quickly and shoveling was very hard, but the snowblower allowed for it to be easier and faster to get the snow off the sidewalks.”

Senior Danny Curran took advantage of the snow and said, “It allowed me to go around my neighborhood shoveling and making money off it.” This is a great way to look at a snow day.

Some students had problems with their relatives, especially the elderly. Senior Jack McCall said, ¨It was rough on my disabled Grandpa to get out of the house because of the snow and ice.”

Overall, the snow days affected different students in different ways. The Brother Rice community found many different ways to spend their days off.