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By Martin Murray ‘20

It’s that time of the year again.

The clock springs ahead an hour, the sun rises a bit later, and there’s more daylight in the evenings.

This change in the clocks, Daylight Savings Time, takes an hour of sleep away from people, and sometimes the effects can be felt for a few days afterward.

Daylight Savings Time, which runs from March until November, was originally started to maximize daylight hours during World War I. Now, a century later, the event still maximizes the amount of hours that can fit into the daytime.

The first few days on a new schedule can mess with daily routines. Most clocks don’t adjust to the change, so some people freak out when they see two different times on their phones and microwave.

Additionally, events scheduled for the first couple days after a shift in the clocks can be awkward when people show up too early or too late.

Senior Pat Loughney said, “I find it hard to get enough sleep normally. Then when the clock moves, I’m messed up for at least a few days afterwards.”

However, most people enjoy this time of year because it signals a transition from the dreadful winter into the fresh spring.

And, being in Chicago, it’s a fair bet to assume that everybody welcomes the mild weather of spring as opposed to the cold and snowy days of winter.

Senior Steve Walczak said, “I love the spring. The warmer temperatures really make winter seem like a long time ago, and watching nature come alive after being dormant for months is truly inspiring.”

One of the best things about the spring for Brother Rice students is that they have made it through the notorious “Death Quarter” and have reached the home stretch of another academic year.

The Death Quarter, named after its ability to kill your grade if you let it, is the toughest part of the year since there isn’t much going on at school or in the area unless you’re in a sport or can find a way around the weather.

Senior Anthony Matejko said, “I’m very excited for the last part of the year. Senioritis has been kicking in, and so far, it’s been more contagious than the coronavirus.”

Senior Kevin Plumb said, “As the weather continues to get nicer and the season is drawing closer, I feel school flying by, but it’s a nice change compared to the long winter.”

Good luck to all Brother Rice students as they finish the year off on a strong note and prepare for the upcoming summer.