By Nicolas Hall ‘24

February rolled around, which means the annual Groundhog Day took place. This tradition has been around since 1877.

On Feb. 2 of each year, thousands gather to see the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. If Phil casts a shadow, six more weeks of winter is predicted. If there is no shadow, it is forecasted there will be an early spring. Since this is just a prediction, it is rarely right, but it still provides a lot of fun.

Senior Jayson Polickey said, “I’ve watched Groundhog Day for many years, always praying for an early spring so I can get back to golfing all the time. I’m praying for an early spring this year.”

Chants filled the air of “Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil” as the prediction was unfolding. Many people were worried about what was to come this year

Junior Aidan Nohava said, “This was so exciting to watch, and I woke up early for it because I was so excited to see what we had in store this year for the weather.”

As Phil was hoisted up, the announcer exclaimed an early spring was on the way. The crowd chanted as the news was heard.

Senior Mikey Horan said, “I am so happy spring is early. Now, the boys and I are able to hit the links early on and have a great time golfing.”

Many of the Brother Rice students are glad the warm weather is upon us so they can get outside again, and enjoy the weather with their friends.