By Mac Murzyn ‘24

St. Cajetan Parish has been inviting all members of the community to embark on a journey during the Lenten season. At 1 p.m. every Friday, people can attend the stations of the cross, which helps bring them closer to God and their faith.

Colette Gurin, one of the parish directors, has been in charge of running the stations of the cross for many years.

Colette said, “It brings me deeper in my faith and closer to God.”

Colette has become incredibly close with the community, altar servers, priests, and everyone else who helps bring St. Cajetan Parish together.

Colette said, “We try to get different altar servers each week so we can get them closer to their faith and let them experience something they don’t normally get to experience.”

One of the main altar servers who worked the stations, Brooke Duleba, has been serving in the ceremony for the past two years.

Duleba said, “St. Cajetan has taught us a lot about Jesus and everything he has done for us, so being an altar server and working the stations of the cross brings me closer to God.”

The stations of the cross have brought many people back to their parish. Jack McCall attended St. Cajetan and graduated in 2018.

McCall said, “The stations make me appreciate the greatness Jesus has done.”

The last stations of the cross ceremony will take place on Friday at noon followed by a foot washing.