By Henry Barsch ‘20

On Feb. 7, Advocate Christ Medical Group paid a visit to Brother Rice to teach the sophomore class about stopping blood loss in emergency situations.

The 140 sophomores, split into four manageable groups, visited the south gym in stations throughout their sophomore retreat. The sophomore retreat, an annual event, is run and managed by the Brother Rice Peer Ministry program, headed by Campus Minister Joe Augustyn.

The sophomores were taught many techniques relating to heavy blood loss in emergency situations, ranging from applying tourniquets to packing wounds.

The main reason for this event is to spread awareness in preparation for events like Sandy Hook or the Boston bombing. Many officials and doctors say that if more people were prepared to stop bleeding, the casualty count at these events could have been significantly lower.

Dr. James Docherty said, “Really, the training isn’t just about terrorism or mass casualty. It’s really about in your home. If you have someone who puts their hand through a plate-glass window and has a deep laceration with an injury to a major blood vessel, they could bleed to death. People do come to our hospital bleeding to death all the time from such injuries.”

Brother Rice school nurse Mrs. Sue Salmon, who contacted the Advocate Christ Medical Group, believes the sophomores’ training here is very important. She said, “[The sophomores] are just going to start driving, so there could be an accident. There could be anything, [such as] sports. I want them to know that they are very capable, and they can save a life. I keep telling them that we are investing in them.”

Mrs. Salmon had learned of the “Stop The Bleed” program through her church’s bulletin and completed the training herself. She then requested that Brother Rice do it, and Mr. Augustyn fit the program into the sophomore retreat schedule.

Sophomore Nico Pape said, “I play soccer and can see using this training if someone got a deep cut by a cleat or on a metal goal post. I never really thought I would have ever need this, but I am sure glad I have it now.”

The reception by the sophomores seems to be very positive. After all, learning a few life saving techniques really can do nothing but help.

These Crusaders are ready to help all across the South Side of Chicago, and may even save your life one day.