The Standard: Super Bowl Commercial Round Up

Every year, the Super Bowl is jam packed with excitement, even when the game is not on. The commercials have become almost as big as the Super Bowl itself. Commercials are funny and, they can preview never before seen shows. Here are some of the best commercials from the Super Bowl.

Hyundai Elevator

This commercial is about some of your least favorite things in life like jury duty, a vegan dinner party, and even “the talk.” Hyundai showcases some of the least favorite things that you have to do and showcases whatever product they were selling. Does anybody really even know for car commercials?


It starts off with a masked killer chasing a couple into their room. The wife tries to unlock the phone, but it does not recognize her face. It turns into a commercial about how Olay helps your skin, and it ends with the killer complementing her skin.


Chance the Rapper starts off rapping with Backstreet Boys in the background. It turns into the Backstreet Boys and Chance both singing. This is different from past Doritos commercials. Most of them have been funny, and one year the commercial was fan made. This was a mix up to the regular format. It was unexpected change but not necessarily a bad one.

Bud Light

Bud Light has been using the success of “dilly dilly,” and it didn’t seem to be dying down. The first of multiple commercials was a clever way to say Bud Light does not use corn syrup. The kingdom receives a barrel of corn syrup but is confused because they don’t use corn syrup. They go on a perilous journey to drop it off at the Miller castle. It is not theirs, and they go on another journey to drop it off at the Coors castle. The biggest surprise of the Super Bowl was the Bud Light/Game of Thrones mash up. It started off a sunny and happy day and ended with the death of the Bud Knight by the mountain. It came out of nowhere, but was a pleasant surprise.


Pepsi starts off with Steve Carell going off about how Pepsi is not just okay. He compares it to puppies and babies. The camera pans to Lil Jon, and then to Cardi B. It ends with Steve Carell trying to roll his r’s and failing.


Another big face was T-Mobile. They show off the awkwardness of getting a paragraph from a crush, the hilarity of your parents texting you something you meant to Google, and your Lyft driver being there for you, literally, not emotionally.



Stella Artois

It was a cameo filled commercial with Jeff Bridges, Sarah Jessica Parker and The Most Interesting Man in The World. It was a play on what their characters drank in their movies or their commercials. It is great to see The Most Interesting Man back on the air, even though it might not be for Dos Equis.


The best commercial was probably not even a commercial at all. It was a skit filled to the brim with NFL stars past and present, and even Ninja was in there for some reason. It has a hilarious skit celebrating the 100th season of the NFL, and it is worth multiple watches.

Overall, this year had some good commercials. It seemed like it was dominated by T-Mobile and Bud Light, but they were spread apart so it was not overwhelming.


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