By Jack O´Connell ‘22

¨The Big Game¨ has come and gone, with a legendary game behind us. Super Bowl Sunday is the day where the best two teams in football play to determine a champion, not to mention all the memorable commercials, and halftime show performances to accommodate the game.

However, the best part of Super Bowl Sunday is the food! From family viewings to parties with your friends, the food served during the parties for the big game is unmatched.

My mom cooks up her amazing buffalo chicken dip every year for the Super Bowl for everyone to enjoy. It goes with any chip imaginable and is the perfect appetizer.

Senior Jack Byrne said, ¨ It was absolutely amazing. I couldn´t stop eating it.¨ as he filled his 3rd plate of dip with some chips on the side.

Byrne brought a plate of his mother´s homemade chocolate chip cookies to the Super Bowl party and they were gone in minutes.

Senior Alex Stepinski said that he ¨loved Mrs. Byrnes’ cookies. They are the best he’s ever had.¨ I agreed with that opinion as I had several of them before the end of the first quarter.

Last but not least, the main course! This consisted of a nacho tray full of beef, cheese, jalapenos, salsa, etc. with a wide variety of chips to choose from. This tasted amazing and I would recommend serving this at your next party for the big game.

My favorite dish of the day was the batch of barbeque wings cooked up by Mrs. Stepinski, the hostess of our party. These had tender and juicy meat, slathered in a sweet and tasty barbecue sauce. I filled my plate with these all throughout the game.

I had some very tasty foods to complement the game and all other forms of entertainment on Super Bowl Sunday. Can´t wait for next year’s game and what will be on the menu then.