By Alex Cichowicz ‘23

Mr. Gleeson is one of Brother Rice’s widely known faculty members. Some of his titles include football coach, P.E. teacher, and history teacher, but he is mostly known for keeping students in line. He has taught at Brother Rice for about thirty eight years.

Aside from Brother Rice, he has taught at De La Salle and Leo High Schools, and some classes at the University of Illinois. Teaching has always been an interest for Coach Gleeson. His inspiration started in high school because of the motivation of good teachers, coaches, and being able to help others succeed.

The main subject that Mr. Gleeson teaches is history. He always enjoyed learning about history because he liked to read and become aware of what has gone on in the past, especially military and sports history. History will not only tell us about our past but may also prepare us for the future.

Coach Gleeson taught a World War II class along with a Chicago history class that Rice also offered. Each of those classes are fantastic electives that many would love to see brought back.

Many of us also know him for being our physical education teacher. Coach Gleeson actually has a masters degree in physical education. Teaching physical education is very convenient because he started out as a basketball and track coach and eventually moved on to football.

Mr. Gleeson used to be the head football coach here at Brother Rice but eventually stepped down. In 2000, he had an opportunity to start coaching at Saint Xavier University. He loves it there because they are all there to have fun and make the best of each day.

One of his greatest memories at Brother Rice is watching his son go here and succeed to the best of his abilities. His son was the Student Council president, ran cross country and track, and the best part is he is still friends with the guys from Rice. Coach Gleeson believes the relationships that you build in high school will most likely stick with you for a long time. He will forever cherish his time at Rice, and the times to come because of the loyalty built with friends and family here.