By Justin Jefferson ‘20

Class of ‘08 graduate Mr. Anthony Matthew Malopsy is a familiar face around the Brother Rice community. This is probably because he is the football team’s defensive coordinator. However, he is taking on new challenges this year.

Coming from a long line of professors and teachers, Mr. Malopsy is following in the path of most of his family members. His mom is a former teacher and currently is an administrator in School District 205; he has two aunts that are college professors; and two uncles who are administrators for different districts in Illinois. As he would say, “teaching is kinda… in my blood.”

Brother Rice is also a reason why Mr. Malopsy decided to come back and teach. Brother Rice gave him a great foundation on how to be a man. There were a lot of teachers that guided him too.

Mr. Malopsy said, “Teachers like Coach Lyons, Coach Dwyer, and Coach Richardson who guided me and helped me become a man.” They were also a reason why Mr. Malopsy decided to teach here – to give back like they gave back to him.

After being a student teacher last year at Brother Rice, he has decided to come back this year as a full-time teacher teaching Microsoft Office to freshmen and theology to sophomores.

So far, Mr. Malopsy said he is “enjoying teaching at Rice and also teaching a new subject in Microsoft Office.” As of right now, his freshmen are finishing up a Google project. In his sophomore theology class, they are covering the gospels and are discussing a lot about Christian morals and ethics as Catholics and Christians.

In the future, Mr. Malopsy wants to teach social studies. Hopefully he will not only teach social studies in the future, but also teach these current Crusaders how to be men of Edmund.