By James Bowes ‘24

From March 21-24, the 8th grade class at St. Germaine continued the 42 year tradition of performing the passion play.

The St. Germaine Class of 2024 performed a total of four times. The first performance occurred last Thursday during the school day for all the other students to see, then once more that night.

Friday night, the performance occurred right after the weekly fish fry during Lent. The last performance occurred on Palm Sunday, right after 11:30 a.m. mass.

This year, the play was different than usual. In 1994, the play was moved from the church to the gym, in which “Jesus Christ Superstar” was performed. The 8th graders performed this original play with the same songs in honor of the 30 years since the first time the play was performed.

To make it even better, star actors consisted of two future Crusaders: Nathan Miller, who acted as Jesus, and Benny Bautista, who acted as Caiphas.

Director Angie Pacetti said, “It was such an honor to bring back “Jesus Christ Superstar” for its 30th anniversary at St. Germaine. I was in second grade when “Jesus Christ Superstar” was first performed at St. Germaine. Seeing the young audience members dancing and singing to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s songs really brought me back to when I was in that audience. It was really great to see the play that inspired me to inspire others again.”

Senior at Mother McAuley and four-year helper of the St. Germaine Passion play, Maggie Nye said, “I performed in 2020 and helped for the next 3 years, but that was the same play with the same songs. As much as I loved that play, it was a lot of fun to participate in a different one.”

Future Crusader and star actor Nathan Miller said, “I think it’s pretty cool, I get to make a lot of memories with my friends, and it’s really just been such a good experience.”

We are very proud of the 8th graders for carrying out the tradition, and wish the actors and future Crusaders the best of luck.

See a video interview with future Crusader Nathan Miller below: