By Connor Mahay ‘22

The Batman is easily the best movie that has come  into theaters so far in 2022. It has generated over $463 million so far. Some people may even argue that it is the best movie in the Batman franchise. However, The Dark Knight Rises is the best of the franchise, and maybe even the best movie in the entire DC universe.

The Batman is set in Gotham City, Batman’s home city. Batman feels that it is his duty to protect his city from whatever crime comes through it. Because of this, the screen is dark and gloomy while the Riddler is running rampant through the city. It feels as if it is always raining and that there is a cloud hovering over Batman’s head.

Junior Zion Rose said, “The setting made Batman look extremely cool, especially in fighting scenes; but it did bring a loneliness to his character.”

The film also has incredible cinematography with flashes of light during fighting scenes, explosions in buildings, and car chases through the streets.

Robert Pattinson starred as Batman in the film, making him the twelfth actor to play Batman in a live action role. Many critics were unsure of how Pattinson would play the role with his career in Twilight. After seeing the movie, Pattinson did a phenomenal job in the film. Appearing dark, depressed, love struck, and heroic all while keeping the reputation of great Batman actors intact.

Senior Will Eastman said, “I thought Robert Pattinson was the right choice because he was very good at the Batman part, but he took a different approach to the Bruce Wayne part. He seemed more distant and dark, which I liked.” There are differing opinions, however.

Senior Beau Polickey said, “I did not like Robert Pattinson playing the role. He appeared to be a  softer version of what Batman is supposed to be.”

No matter what other people tell you, it is a must-see film.