By Declan McGuire ‘20

On Jan. 21, 2020, the Crusader basketball team traveled to Marist High School in the Battle of Pulaski. In a hard fought victory, the Crusaders came out on top, defeating the Redhawks 55-47.

Senior guard Rico Powell lead the way for the varsity team with six silky 3-pointers for a total of a career high 22 points.

I used pencil, markers, and colored pencils in my drawing above. I started off by drawing the picture initially in pencil. Once I made my final touches, I traced everything over in black marker, and finished it off by coloring it in with colored pencils.

In the drawing, I made the setting on Pulaski. At the top of the mountain, sits a victorious crusader on horseback, and down in the street stands a defeated redhawk.

Also in the drawing, you can see the final score, 55-47, in the mountain as a reminder of who came out on top.