By Martin Murray ‘20

It’s that time of year again.

Christmas and New Year are over, the weather is getting colder each day, and Martin Luther King Day is on the horizon.

Yes, it’s January.

And, for students, that means only one thing: school is back in session and the long-awaited Christmas break is now replaced with the long-awaited summer vacation.

For seniors, however, this semester is a little more than the usual grind of rigorous coursework or participation in sports and clubs. This semester is a little more.

Senior Danny Bombard said, “It’s hard to believe that senior year is already halfway over. It feels like yesterday I was walking into my first class, and now, I’m preparing to move on to the next level of my education. I’m really looking forward to all the perks of being a senior.”

Seniors, we’ve done it. We have gotten into or are waiting on the final decisions of our colleges and are preparing for the home stretch.

More than that, it is the last semester we will walk the halls of 99th and Pulaski as high school students.

Senior Jimmy Maguire said, “This semester means a lot to me because I know it’s my last time with this group of guys. I want to have a great second semester and make a lot of great memories with my friends.”

High school has been a memorable experience, and some of the best moments are yet to come.

This semester is highlighted by the excitement of events like graduation and prom, and it’s filled with the anticipation of what awaits us next fall.

With this anticipation comes dread. We have to start applying for that scholarship, making housing arrangements, trying to find a suitable roommate, and trying to make contact with future classmates before we reach campus so we aren’t totally alone next year.

Most schools have numerous links to scholarship websites and have groups on apps like Facebook where students of the same class from around the world can connect and meet, so day one on campus is smooth sailing from a social standpoint.

Liam Sheehan said, “I’ve made a profile that helps me meet some possible future roommates and allows others to learn about me. My profile includes what kind of person I am and what kind of roommate I would want.” Sheehan, a senior, is set to attend Northern Michigan University next fall.

In addition, seniors have to combat the infamous “senioritis.”

Senior Dan Hackett said, “I feel my senioritis will kick in after February. By then, I’ll have my grades up and can focus my time on rugby, my friends, family, and getting ready for college. Hopefully, I can become its next victim well after March.”

Regardless, we are all excited for what lies in store over the course of the next few months and even more excited for what’s ahead. Good luck to our seniors as they finish high school.