By Seamus Hanley ‘24

This past Friday was a historic day for Brother Rice sports. To start the night, the Crusader Crazies piled into the North Gym to watch the Brother Rice Crusaders go up against the top ten ranked Mt. Carmel Caravan. The game went back and forth all the way into the fourth quarter, until senior Cale Cosme shot a dagger 3-pointer and the Crusaders started to run away with it.

Junior Aidan Nohava said, “It was one of the best game environments I had ever seen. Beating a team like that is what makes our guys stand out from the rest.”

The final score ended up to be 69-59, and that win propelled the Crusaders into a top 10 spot.

The Crusader Crazies weren’t done yet, though. About 30 minutes away, Brother Rice Hockey was playing in a first round Kennedy Cup match against Providence Catholic. This game was important too, as it was win or go home for the Crusaders. So, the Crusader Crazies hopped into cars and rushed down Pulaski to get to the Arctic Ice Arena, where they stormed into the arena to show their support.

The Crusaders were down 3-2 late in the second period, but thanks to the spirit of the Crazies, the skating Crusaders came out on top with a 5-2 victory.

Senior Michael Moonan said, “I really believe we were a key part in that victory. Nothing was better than seeing the team skate over to us as the clock hit zero.”

It’s hard to argue, but I think that the Crusader Crazies is the best student fan section in Illinois. We show our support, no matter where the game is, and we always have a heightened energy about us.

Senior Jayson Polickey said, “There isn’t anything quite like being in the Crusader Crazies. I feel like we have a lot of pull in the events that we go to, and we definitely help our teams out a lot.”