By Peter McShane ‘23

After a very close win against Saint Ignatius College Prep, the Crusaders had to take on a very good CCL team on the road. This De La Salle team came into the game with a 16-8 record with a tough schedule; so they were a respectable team.

Junior guard Tre Dowdell said, “This was a very important game for us. We felt like we needed to beat a team by double digits to get the momentum going.”

The Crusaders did just as Tre said. Taking a lead of 37-20 at halftime, everyone on the team felt a good sense of energy walking into the locker room.

Junior forward Julian Gamboa said, “We were all clicking in the first two quarters. I think we all moved the ball well and were more than ready to play.”

Brother Rice also came ready to play in the third quarter. With big dunks from Khalil Ross and Zavier Fitch, the Crusaders were able to put the nail in the coffin on the Meteors. They went on a big 10-0 run in the middle of the fourth and finished the game winning 71-50.

Senior forward Ryan Kenney said, “This was a huge win for us. To win by that much was great for our team with these big games coming up.”

The Crusaders will go on to play the team from 64th and Dante next Friday, which could be the biggest game of the regular season for them.