By Patrick Mangin ‘24

The title of this article perfectly reflects my feelings on the end of senior year and is also the name of one of my favorite songs from this year.

Since the time I was born, I was destined to graduate from Brother Rice. My dad inspired me by showing me his old football jerseys and pictures from his time at Brother Rice. I vividly remember coming to football games as a kid watching the Crusader Crazies and hoping that I would be like them one day…and I was.

Senior year has by far been my favorite year at Brother Rice. It started with football where I had fun with my friends every day and made countless memories on and off the field. My favorite memories were when the second team would get in during practice, and the whole team would get excited.

I have made so many new friends at Brother Rice, but there is something special about senior year. I have found myself talking to other seniors that I never really talked to before and have become closer with many of my fellow classmates.

A class during my senior year that I will never forget is my AP Chemistry class with Mrs. Thielen. I am not the best at chemistry, but I knew that I could be myself during class and enjoyed doing labs with my lab partners.

My education in my time at Brother Rice was second to none and allowed me to join the “30 Club,” getting a 32 on my ACT, and prompted me to become an Illinois State Scholar. I will forever be grateful for my teachers and counselors at Brother Rice that helped me succeed and achieve my goal of getting into a prestigious college.

A piece of advice I would give to underclassmen is to live in the moment. While I am proud of my academic achievements, I have realized during my senior year that you do not have to overly stress about schoolwork. You should appreciate the little things like funny moments in class or celebrating a victory in the student section. Cherish these things and you will have great memories that will last a lifetime.

My time at Brother Rice has taught me what it truly means to be an exceptional person. I will always be thankful for the friends I have made and the faculty that have helped me along the way. Go, Crusaders!