By Charley Duggan ‘24

I never thought the day would come. Senior year felt like every other year at Brother Rice but I knew it was my last. I started to miss more and wish I could relive my moments at Brother Rice.

I came into senior year with an open mind and I wanted to enjoy it before it ended. I tried to learn new things, talk more, and participate in events. My senior year really made me think of Brother Rice.

I will never forget my days running with my teammates and enjoying the moments. I will always remember how much Gavin O’Connor pushed me to be a better runner and work hard together.  Taking 2nd and 3rd place at the IHSA regional championship is a memory I will never forget.

Senior year I came closer with a lot of new people. I enjoyed Ms. Alvareenz’s Spanish class with Eoin Cox and Chris Daugherty as well as the rest of our class of t. This is a class I’ll remember from my senior year.

Meeting new people opened my eyes to different opportunities. I enjoyed hanging out and talking with friends who I never knew I’d become friends with. Messing around in the hall and talking with Jimmy Quezada and Owen McShane will always stick with me.

A teacher who made me really enjoy senior year was Mr. Swynenburg. After having his class junior year, I can say senior year is definitely different. Mr. Swynenburg showed appreciation towards his seniors and made the class fun but always pushed us to still work hard at our work. I learned a lot from him and will always remember his class as a fun and hard-working class. I enjoyed the talks and lessons from his class a lot.

Mr. Swynenburg makes his class fun and tries to keep everyone engaged. He makes students feel comfortable to ask questions especially when they are unsure. He never makes you feel stupid. He has done a lot for Brother Rice and has achieved a lot at a very young age.

Some advice to future and present Crusaders is to be yourself. You will find great people who are similar to you if you are yourself. Stay in your shoes and leave others’ negativity behind. It’s okay to be different; everyone is.

The time I spent at Brother Rice really has changed me. I have learned numerous things to help me for my future. I also learned that we all struggle, but there are people who are here to help. Brother Rice has given me a great experience and I will always be grateful to have it.