By Brendan Arnold ’23

Each year, millions of people study to build their so-called “Perfect Bracket.”

This March has led to tons of tears and with heads soaking in sorrow. Danny Durkin ‘23 had a rough night Sunday with the loss of the Hoosiers. He couldn’t make it to school that next morning due to the tears still in his eyes.

Durkin said, “I could not look at myself in the mirror that morning. I was still mourning the loss from the Hoosiers. I just couldn’t believe that my favorite team in the whole world lost to a bum.”

Charlie Boyer ‘24 was also very devastated with the way his bracket is turning out.

Boyer said, “After the first set of games, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to play Fortnite to bear the pain from my bracket.”

Kids around the school Monday morning were all in disbelief as the major upsets that weekend have burned their brackets terribly. The school was like a funeral that morning with everyone paying their respects towards the lost brackets.

However, one kid in the school still had their hopes up. Ryan Kenney ’23 was still in the dance, heading into the elite eight games. His Cinderella team University of Creighton was still alive. With one game closer to the national championship, Ryan seemed untouchable.

“That was one of the hardest working groups of men I have ever seen play basketball. They fought til the end and will always have a special place in my heart,” said Ryan after the conclusion of the game.

Kenney said, “They just need to have more grit and sit more on defense. This hurts a lot because now I have to give up my Xbox for a month since I bet cousin Timmy Xbox privileges that Creighton would win the whole thing.”

With the final four now set, people’s brackets across the world are all trashed. This national championship will be one to remember for the game and burned brackets.