By Luke Drew ‘24

On the third-snowiest Halloween in Chicago, a little girl named Kaitlin wanted to pull tricks on people on Halloween. Kaitlin decided to pull a trick on her older brother.

Kaitlin’s older brother does not like to be bothered. The older brother has a routine of taking naps after school, so Kaitin decided to pull a prank on him while he was sleeping. Kaitlin started to spray silly string and shaving cream all over her older brother.

An hour later, the older brother woke up and was furious. Kaitlin, who was about to leave for trick-or-treating, heard her brother screaming from his room. She quickly bolted out of the house and went trick-or-treating with her friends.

The older brother was filled with rage. Instead of throwing a temper tantrum, an idea sparked in his mind. He thought, why not pull a prank on his little sister? He asked his mom where they were trick-or-treating.

The older brother bundled up with warm clothes and threw on a Bigfoot costume. He made his way towards where his mom said they were trick or treating. On the way there, little kids were screaming at how scary the Bigfoot costume was.

He spotted his little sister and her friends a few houses down from where he was standing. They were walking towards him, so he quickly hid in a bush. Once they got close, the older brother jumped out and started throwing snowballs at the girls.

Screaming in fear, the girls ran home, and the brother was laughing hysterically. Once the girls got home, they noticed that the older brother was gone. The older brother walked into the house with his costume covered in snow.

Kaitlin was mad at her brother, but he got sweet revenge on her.