By Danny Hughes ‘23

Unfortunately, I won’t really miss Brother Rice until I’m already gone. I did plenty of new things during senior year, such as benching two plates for the first time, driving my own car, running my first Turkey Trot, enjoying every class on my schedule, joining new clubs, becoming a color leader in Edmund Rice Camp, and going on Kairos.

Finally, I had the chance to be taught by some of the “GOATs” at Brother Rice, such as Brother Hayes, Mr. Dolan, and Mr. Augustyn. Each teacher had a different way of teaching, but all three helped me learn the material they prepared for the year.

I can’t recommend Kairos enough. There is nothing like opening up to God and classmates that you pass in the halls or have class with every day. The January Kairos will always be the best one to go on. I also have to include the truly underrated statement, “Don’t anticipate, participate.”

With all the ups of senior year, there is always something that can ruin it. My car was totaled, and while I wasn’t at fault, asking mom to use her car was always a little embarrassing. I was teased a little for being driven by mommy to school, but there were plenty of other things to look forward to, like participating in Model Railroad Club and Gardening Club.

Both Model Railroad Club and Gardening Club are moderated by Mr. Parker, the best teacher ever. He makes the clubs so fun and entertaining while also being a great IT Essentials teacher. I highly recommend his class.

The best class you can take as a senior is Peer Ministry. The class teaches you about the Eucharist and a wide range of topics based around the Church’s teachings. Peer Ministry students also have a bigger role in mass, serving the Eucharist or reading the scriptures.

No one wants to do service hours, especially 40 hours, but Edmund Rice Camp is an incredible way to spend a week of summer. You get to meet new people, hang out with friends, and finish your service hours.

Hopefully, I will appreciate my time at Brother Rice before I leave, but that is unlikely. Brother Rice has been a great four years of my life, but now I have to move on to different opportunities. There is truly something special about the Brother Rice community, and I will definitely be back to visit.