By Jacob Harden ‘24

The Brother Rice Band was wonderful at the homecoming game and the pep rally, but its better to see who is behind the instruments.

Mr. Richard Alfantis, Brother Rice’s new band director and music teacher, is filled with school spirit and goals to excite the crowd.

Mr. Alfantis said it was not harder preparing for this game than the others, given that it was homecoming: “We are only working on one marching show this year and it is very challenging. The band has spent much of its time rehearsing the music and drill necessary for this show. The pep band tunes are fun to play and usually do not take much time to prepare.”

The students were very excited for this year’s Homecoming game.

Junior Peter Panos, who plays the bass drum, said, “It felt thrilling knowing that I was a part of the game”.

Senior William Prazuch, who plays the clarinet, said, “It was a great night and so much fun. I just can’t believe how fast it’s all gone.”

The homecoming game against Montini Catholic went extremely well and it really showed with their performance at the game.