By James Littleton ‘20

On a rather Twinkie Tuesday at Brother Rice, the first annual House Eating Competition took place, and boy, was it exciting!

All the students gathered in the main gym, sitting with their respected houses. The music blared and all focus was on the upcoming students ready to take on the challenge and bring home the most points to their house.

There were four rounds of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and then seniors. The freshman had four bags of french fries, the sophomores had ten Twinkies, the juniors had a classic Wojo shake, and the seniors topped it off with a good ‘ole cream-pie.

Senior of House Cork T.J. Murphy said, “It really was thrilling… the nerves left right away in the competitive atmosphere. And it all just left me in fourth place and with a bunch of whipped cream on my face!”

By the end of the competition, Dublin secured first, Limerick placed second, and Waterford and Cork had tied for third. The totals for each house so far in the school year are yet to be released.

Time is really ticking now, Crusaders – go get those points!