By Cameron Slavin ‘23

My four years of high school are coming to an end. There are only a couple days remaining and all that is left in my senior year is another physics test, prom, and the senior prank.

Brother Rice has taught me a lot about myself, and this school has pushed me to not be complacent.

I began my senior year having my eyes set on Florida State University; in December, I found out I didn’t get in. If I told myself I would end up going to Clemson at the beginning of my senior year, I would think I was crazy. Clemson is starting to seem like it was meant to be, and I can’t wait to start in the fall.

Of course, there were still nights of my senior year that were spent staying up until 1 a.m. doing homework. My favorite class of senior year was physics with Bro Hayes; it was a very interesting class, but it could be tough at some points throughout the year. I also enjoyed Bro’s cooking club; I tried my first ever potato pancake – it was great.

Dancing in the mosh pit at homecoming was fun, and I can’t wait to do it one last time at prom. This year was also my last ever mother-son dance; I had been going to those dances since first grade. A message to the underclassmen: go to all the dances.

My senior year football season allowed me to make so many new friends, and it gave me a better mindset on overcoming adversity. The best game that I was a part of was our win against JCA in double overtime; watching Owen Lyons’ catch to win us the game was insane.

Intramural basketball made my senior year even better, but sadly, my team was upset in the first round of the playoffs. If we were given the opportunity to run it back, I think we would have won it all.

Attending the basketball games with the Crusader Crazies was always exciting; my favorite game was when we beat St. Rita on their home court in the playoffs. As the buzzer went off, the Crazies stormed the court to celebrate with the team.

I wouldn’t change anything about my senior year; it was an unforgettable experience and an amazing end to my time as a Crusader.

I can’t believe high school is coming to an end; I think it’ll finally hit me when I hear my name called at graduation. Brother Rice ended up being just the place for me, and I will forever be grateful for my time there.

My last piece of advice to the underclassmen is to try and get involved as much as you can. Also, if you haven’t gone on Kairos, you must go. Kairos taught me to really be thankful for everything I have in my life, and I got closer with other students I rarely talked to.