By Liam Nelligan ‘22

My experience at Rice has been more than I could have ever expected coming into the school freshman year. A lot of great things happened throughout my four years that exceeded all of my expectations.

Freshman year was really great and welcoming for me. A great experience I had that year was going down to the University of Illinois to watch the football team compete for a state championship title.

I also made lifelong friends within my first few months at Rice.

A class I really enjoyed was Coach Vogt’s broadcast/journalism class. It really helped me learn the basics of a skill I might want to use later on in my life. Coach Vogt also made the class very interesting and funny.

Joining a sport was definitely a great decision and experience I had during high school. Baseball was a place where I made friends that I did not usually talk to in school. It helped me reach out to others that I would not have the chance to before.

Senior year has definitely been a little surreal. It is hard to believe that we are graduating already. It feels like I was just saying that I had my entire high school experience ahead of me. I guess I will be saying the same thing about college next year.