By Phill Cipriani ‘24

It feels like my junior year had just ended a couple of months ago and now senior year is already over. This year has gone by faster than I ever could have anticipated.

Coming into this school four years ago, I did not know what to expect and learned many new lessons throughout my time here.

I have had many funny teachers that have made class enjoyable, like Mr. Vogt and many others.

My favorite times were during the golf season. I learned many great life lessons during my time on the golf team that I will use every day throughout my life.

The winning and the losing all were great times on the golf course with my teammates and friends that I made.

Also, I have had many great memories and fun on the golf course with the team. I have made some great friends along the way, and still continue to play with them after high school.

I have also made some great friends and memories during my time on the basketball team and will never forget some of the practices we had – and the many wins.

There were many challenging classes that I did not like at the time, but looking back on them, it has really helped me grow.  They pushed me to try harder at my schoolwork and the importance of studying and managing my time.

I have learned some life lessons in the classroom from many of my teachers that do not involve education.  Those are the moments that I most remember from the classroom and am grateful for during my time at Brother Rice.

Brother Rice has been a great experience for me and I will use it for the rest of my life.  All of the fun times and getting to know many new people has been one of the best experiences of my life so far.  I am very glad that I chose to come to Brother Rice, but am also glad to move on from it and start a new chapter in my life.