By Billy Reardon ‘23

Throughout my 17 years of life, I have had the privilege of knowing Bobby “The Golden Jet” Hull personally. There were so many cherished memories of Bobby and me. From going to every Hawks game together to having him come over to my house and talk to our Crusader hockey team. We all knew him as the man with the 100 mph slap shot that made players jump out of their skins.

Bobby Hull was a winger for 16 years in the NHL and helped the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in 1961.

Hull’s incredible career was highlighted by two NHL MVPs, seven Maurice Richard Trophies, three Art Ross Trophies, two Hart Trophies, a Stanley Cup, and two WHA World Titles. The All-Star scored 1,170 points in the NHL and 638 in his WHA career.

On March 12, 1966, Hull became the first NHL player to score more than 50 goals in a season. He was lightning-speed fast while on the ice, and you could tell when he was about to wind up for a slapshot. When my family and I took him out to dinner, many Blackhawks fans recall that Bobby was a part of their childhood as they grew up. He even inspired them to watch and play the game of hockey.

He was a fierce and scary player to come into contact with, and some people even avoided him due to his tough slapshots.

When I was younger, Bobby taught me and my brother the game of hockey. Since he stayed with my uncle next door, I would go over there for dinner. I walked in and he said, ¨William, have a seat.” We would discuss the Hawks, and he would give me many life lessons. He touched so many people’s hearts when it came to the game of hockey and the NHL franchise.

Anytime Bobby and I went out to do signings he would always wear 1961 Championship rings. Bobby was a humorous person when we went to events together. He always sprayed jerseys with hairspray so the signature didn’t smear. When we went out for dinner, he made sure NOTHING went to waste. After leaving a Hawks game, there were leftover hotdogs in the suite. Instead of leaving them there, he put them in a zip-lock bag in my aunt’s purse. It was hilarious!

Bobby Hull was a rock star and everybody wanted a piece of him. Many younger fans really embraced the legacy of Bobby Hull and looked up in the rafters and saw “The Golden Jet” He will forever be remembered not just in my heart, but by thousands of other Chicago fans. Rest easy, Bobby.