By Danny Durkin ‘23

The 2023 March Madness bracket has been revealed and it looks like there could be many great games with many big upsets.

This college basketball season was full of lots of exciting plays and games. My favorite had to be when Arizona State hit a half-court buzzer-beater to upset their rival Arizona on the road.

Senior Jimmy Gilmartin said, “The regular season gave me the opportunity to see many great games that I will never forget, and I hope Illinois can make a run in the tournament.”

This tournament is full of many exciting matchups in each region. The top seeds from each region are Alabama from the South, Houston from the Midwest, Purdue from the East, and Kansas from the West.

The exciting matchups and games to look forward to include Iowa vs Auburn, Texas A&M vs Penn State, Illinois vs Arkansas, and many more. The game I am looking forward to most is Indiana vs Kent State which will tip off on Friday night. I am hoping the Hoosiers can make a run in the tourney as I want them to win it all.

Senior Josh Sutker said, “One exciting matchup I want to see is FAU vs Memphis because both teams have been playing great lately.”

Don’t be shocked if you also see a lot of upsets in these tournaments. Many teams to look out for that can make a Loyola Ramblers 2018 final-four run are Kent State, VCU, Providence, Creighton, Drake, and many more.

Senior Nick Niego said, “Drake is a team to look out for as they have been playing great basketball lately. I have them beating Miami in my bracket and making a run in the tourney.”

The favorites for this year’s March Madness are Alabama, Houston, Purdue, Kansas, Texas, Arizona and others. It is March though so you never know what can happen.

This year’s March Madness is going to be a good one.