By Luke Drew ‘24

The 2024 NFL draft has come to a close, with the 2024 scouting combine now wrapped up. With less than two months left until the draft, prospects still can make a statement at their pro days and team visits.

Senior Dominic Pettenon said, “There were some impressive performances that raised and dropped players’ draft stock, two players in particular that rose their stock.”

The combine confirms or denies what was seen throughout the college regular season and the bowl games. If a player does well in the combine, it will help him with the pre-draft process.

There were some standout players at this year’s draft. Xavier Worthy, wide receiver from Texas, ran a 40-yard dash in 4.21 seconds. Worthy separated himself from all the other receivers, finishing twelve more milliseconds than the closest receiver.

Senior Ryan Hartz said, “I always knew Xavier Worthy was a fast receiver, but his 40-yard dash really opened my eyes just as to how fast he is. If there was anyone that walked away from the combine a winner, it would be Worthy.”

Troy Fautanu, a guard from Washington, was a huge standout in the offensive line class.  Fautanu moved faster than the rest of the offensive linemen and had a good testing profile.

Chop Robinson, a defensive end from Penn State, ran a 40-yard dash in 4.48 seconds. His 40-yard dash was the fifth-best mark since 2003 of any pass rusher weighing more than 250 pounds. Robinson’s size and speed can be a huge threat in this upcoming NFL season.

Quinyon Mitchell, cornerback from Toledo, ran a 4.33 second 40-yard dash. He was tied for the third fastest time in all of the combine. Mitchell has the ability to guard strong and fast receivers.

Issac Guerendo, running back from Louisville, had an amazing combine. The 223 pound ball carrier ran a 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds. Guerendo’s 40-yard dash was the top time for any player at his position since 2003.

Senior Charlie Boyer said, “Quinyon Mitchell is a top-tier prospect. I 100% expect him to be drafted in the first round if not a lottery pick, and whatever team drafts him is definitely very lucky. Issac Guerendo had an outstanding performance, and I think he will definitely go early in the draft.”

These five players had an outstanding NFL combine and have a bright future ahead of them.