By Dan Golon ‘20

With leadership comes great responsibility.

Tours at the Brother Rice Open House can be quite stressful on the NHS students responsible for guiding them. I find the best way to combat this pressure of giving off the best impression possible for Brother Rice is to simply be yourself.

To start the morning, I get cleaned up, put on my suit and tie, and head over to BR.

As a tour guide, you are first introduced to your family in the main gym lobby. You will be tasked with getting them through registration and showing off the best parts of our school among other things.

As I begin to lead my family through the pristine halls of the school, I ask questions about their family background. I’ll ask which parish they’re from, their reason for coming on the tour, and I’ll ask the prospective student what sports he plays and his subjects of interest.

I use the information I gathered from the family to try to personalize their BR experience as much as possible. I put extra emphasis on their points of interest and make sure to be as light-hearted and honest about every question they ask.

Honesty is perhaps the most important part of being a tour guide. Families are there in order to make the best decision possible for them, financially and socially. Although the honest truth may turn away a prospective student, it is your duty to tell them the truth.

Although it can sometimes be intimidating, the responsibility of being chosen to give tours around your school in a shirt and tie and blue blazer is one of the most prideful things I have done at this school.