By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

Instead of the typical path to college, senior Reed Norville will be going to the trades following in his dad’s footsteps.

Reed’s interest in the trade was mostly sparked by family influence, with his father and uncle both working as tradesmen. Additionally, he has been drawn to the hands-on nature of trade work, preferring active participation over passive learning.

One significant experience that influenced his decision occurred during a service call with his dad at an abandoned building. This job provided him with a unique perspective, exposing him to aspects of the trade that are not typically seen by the average person, thus solidifying his desire to pursue such experiences himself.

Reed said, “That experience influenced my decision because I got to see what most individuals don’t get to see, and I want to participate in that experience.”

Reed’s vision for the trades is more than just not going to college. It’s having goals and determination. He sees himself owning a home by age 24, with a steady work schedule and plenty of chances to move up the career ladder within their trade union.

Reed said, “Being debt-free from college is a great thing, but starting work and making money is even better.”

Reed is interested in becoming an elevator constructor or a pipefitter. Elevator construction appeals to him because his family members are involved, and he’s eager to explore the process of building elevators. Additionally, pipefitting appeals to him because he enjoys welding.

A union tradesman said, “Joining a union trade isn’t just about finding a job; it’s about securing a future filled with stability, support, and boundless potential for advancement.”