By Jacob Harden ‘24

The Peru trip is coming up and you could help with the costs! Right now, Peru mission trip shirts are for sale for $20, however not many students know the individuals behind the sales.

Mr. Dolan has been doing mission trips for Brother Rice for over three years, making him very knowledgeable when it comes to them.

In terms of how the mission trip started, he said, “The brothers have been doing it for about 18 years. We were supposed to start it in 2021, but the pandemic happened. In 2022, we finally went with six students, so this will be our third annual.”

Mr. Dolan said, “(Students) will be immersing themselves in the culture of the people of Peru. They will be walking with the poor, and they will be opening their hearts and minds to the people they will be serving.”

In terms of help, Mr. Dolan said, “In the case of one family, we will be building a house for them, in Fe Y Alegria School.”

Mr. Dolan said one of the best ways to support the mission trip is to “buy a t- shirt. A number of teachers have very generously offered extra credit. But, more importantly, we ask students to pray for us when we are down in Peru.”

The students are especially excited to  be able to go to Peru.

Desmond Nieto, a sophomore who will be attending the trip, said, “I feel excited to go to a different country to help people in need and go somewhere that makes you realize that we are very stable and have a good life.”

Marcos Martinez, a senior who has been on three different Brother Rice mission trips before, said, “I’m very open minded and hearted. It’s a whole country but I expect it to be a great time.”

Everyone is extremely excited for the Peru trip, and it is highly encouraged that students should attend.