The Standard: The Report Card- Dread or Celebrate

By Conor Doyle ‘19

Report cards can be both the most exciting and most terrifying experiences in a high school career. It is a time when students obsess over their grades, and pray that they got a high enough grade on finals, either to keep good grades or pull up mediocre ones.

This can be an awesome time for some students as they receive validation for a semester of hard work, as well as the pride and approval of their family.

“I am happy with the work I did last semester and was proud to give my report card to my parents,” said junior Alex MacFarlane.

However, this can also be a time of great stress. While there is nothing students can do at this point, they think over what could have been done. “I was nervous in some subjects about whether I did well enough on the finals to keep my grade,” said senior Nick Christiano.

There are also cases in which parents and students disagree about what is a good grade and what is a bad one. “I was worried my parents would not be satisfied with my grades as their idea of a good grade is different than mine,” said senior Keith Gniady.

What is often forgotten is that these report cards are only for a semester, so for those that did not meet their parents expectations there is plenty of time to recover in the second semester. To those that did well, congratulations and keep working hard.


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