By Tom Golon ‘22

The South Side Irish Parade is scheduled to return this year in Chicago. The neighborhood of Beverly and other surrounding neighborhoods are ecstatic to hear the news. The parade will take place on Sunday, March 13, on Western Ave.

With all of the negativity going around in today’s world, the return of the parade is a sure-fire morale booster. “I can’t wait to wear my giant leprechaun costume to the parade,” said senior Joe Ternes. Irish pride will be flowing through Chicago.

I, myself, will be in attendance at the parade along with my family. We always wake up early and make sure we can get into Beverly before the streets are closed off. It is a family tradition that we are glad to get back to this year.

The parade along with the iconic tradition of dyeing the Chicago river green were canceled for the last two years due to COVID restrictions. With the COVID cases dying down, both will happen this year.

The South Side Irish Parade is something every kid around the Chicago area should experience at least once. “I love going to the parade, I have gone every year since I was a little boy,” said senior Dan Curran.

“My favorite part of the parade is when the people walk along the gates and hand out candy for everyone,” said senior Kian Culkin. Children make memories that they will never forget. The parade is a great way to show your kids a little bit about Irish culture as well.

Many grammar schools and organizations in the neighborhood even participate in the parade by creating floats of their own. The parade means a lot to the people of Chicago and having it return this year is truly a gift.