By Mike Fahy ‘22

School is back in action for the second semester here at Brother Rice, and with the second semester comes the return of the dreaded 45 minute schedule.

Students loved the Covid 40 minute schedule where students who had an 8th period would leave school at 2:04. The 40 minute schedule was implemented when everyone returned to school after summer break in 2020. With the return of the 45 minute schedule, students won’t get out of school until 2:45.

Senior Jimmy Hogan said, “I loved the 40 minute schedule. I was able to get home from school at 2:15 and finish my wrestling practice earlier. I’m sure I’ll be able to get used to the new schedule, though.”

Even though it is only a five minute difference in class time, it can feel like an eternity for some students.

Student Council President Pat Galeher said, “Some classes definitely feel longer than others. My math class seems to drag longer than other classes because it is not one of my strong suits.”

Most students thought that once we returned to the 45 minute schedule, then masks would be removed. However, since Covid has not gotten any better, masks are still worn in the building.

Senior Connor Mahay said, “I did think at the beginning of the year that when we returned to the 45 minute schedule, we wouldn’t have to wear the mask. I have gotten used to the mask at this point, but it would be so much nicer to eliminate them.”

Students would definitely much rather have the 40 minute schedule, but I am sure they will adjust right away to the current schedule.