By Brian Doligale ‘24

The much anticipated 2023-2024 college basketball season has kicked off with a spectacular tip-off, captivating fans nationwide as teams begin the fight for a spot in the March Madness tournament. Teams hope to get a spot in the final four in Phoenix, Arizona. The early matchups have already set the stage for a thrilling season.

The stages have been set for basketball powerhouse schools and the underdog contenders to clash on the hardwood, each having the same goal of being the last surviving team at the end of the season. From buzzer-beaters to nail-biting overtimes, the season is set to showcase the high-level talent that college basketball has.

Junior Ryan Manfre said, “What I like about college basketball is the matchups week in and week out, and the March Madness tournament is a great format for the playoffs in college basketball to help decide who the national champion is.”

Year in and year out, the numbers have shown how much people around the country love college basketball. TV viewership numbers have soared to unprecedented heights, with fans glued to their screens to watch one of the most entertaining sports. The March Madness tournament racked up upwards of 10 million views last year. The surge in numbers has shown the growing popularity of college basketball, and the intense rivalries that have captivated the audience.

Senior Michael Moonan said, “I am excited to watch the development of these high school prospects as they turn into NBA prospects throughout the year.”

With the final four being set to take place in Phoenix, the stakes are higher than ever. The road to the championship will be paved with intense competition and heart-stopping moments. As the season continues to ramp up, fans can expect even more intense matchups that will shape the destiny of the teams.

As the nation eagerly awaited the 2023-2024 season to start and watch teams battle to crown a national champion, one thing is for sure. The season has already had some upsets and Final Four-like matchups, with the number four-ranked Michigan State Spartans taking an early upset to unranked James Madison in an OT win.

Junior Charlie Moles said, “I am looking forward to the competitive nature of every game, making it one of my favorite sports to watch on TV.”