By James Zygadlo ‘24

Over the weekend, the Bears lost to the Packers 38-20 in the season opener at Soldier Field. I know many other Bears fans and I are disappointed. Year after year, we are hoping for the Bears to beat the Packers, but they continue to disappoint.

Things looked promising for the Bears after quarterback Justin Fields started out the game by throwing a short pass to running back Khalil Herbert for a 19-yard gain. After that, they couldn’t get much going. They attempted to run the ball on fourth-and-1 and got stopped, which eventually led to a Packers touchdown.

I know many others, including myself, were hoping the Bears could get something going after halftime, but that was not the case. The bad play calling and terrible performance from the o-line didn’t help. Of course, there were a couple of promising plays, but they didn’t matter because the offense couldn’t score.

At the end of the third quarter, wide receiver Darnell Mooney scored a much needed touchdown, cutting the Packers lead down to 10 with the entire fourth quarter to go. Unfortunately, for the Bears and every single Bears fan, the Packers scored a passing touchdown and shortly scored again after intercepting a pass, making the score 38-14. Not much happened late in the game, except for the Bears scoring a touchdown, but failing a 2-point conversion.

After thoroughly watching the game and many recaps, the Bears continue to struggle even with the new improvements.

Hopefully, the Bears come back next week and get a big win against the Buccaneers.