By Patrick Panarese24

The musical Chicago was performed at Mother McAuley Nov. 16-19 last week. People all over the South Side were excited to see this show. Cast members of the show were saying their friends and families thought of it as one the most flawless performances of Chicago they have ever seen. They didn’t notice any issues.

In theater, no matter how perfect the show is going, whether it is a terrible run or a perfect run, there are always problems that occur behind the scenes. Even though there can be a problem, the show must go on.

Senior Jack O’Malley played the character Amos, one of the leads of the play. He talked about his behind-the-scenes mic issue.

O’Malley said, “I’m always ready for surprises but sometimes they’re a lot to handle. In the middle of a show, there was a problem with my mic so I had to change it as quickly as I could. I just barely made it on stage in time for my scene. While it was stressful, I made it through the rest of the show with ease.”

So many things can go wrong at the show which doesn’t only have to do with the people. All of the new spot lights went out during the two Wednesday shows, and the light team needed to think of a way to solve the problem fast. Junior Margot Fitzpatrick, one of the team members that works on the spot light, was operating one of the spotlights during the show.

Fitzpatrick said, “It was crazy. About an hour before the show started the spotlights didn’t work. You know what? We didn’t panic because our team is so brilliant. We came together and fixed some light cues to adjust to the one spotlight we had and it worked.”

All these problems that can occur during a show are oblivious to the eyes of the audience. Senior Mac Murzyn was in the audience on Thursday night when there were some tech errors.

Murzyn said, “It was cool to see all the cast members walk on and off the stage. Seeing my friends act in a different role than their personality was very interesting to watch.”

Then Murzyn found out that there were some light cue mistakes or backstage problems.

Murzyn said, “I did not even notice. The band did a good job of playing music to keep our minds off the time if the lights or something wasn’t working.”

Things can go wrong during a show but that is how live theater is. Mother McAuley’s theater company performed Chicago and did a fantastic job of putting together such a great show. No matter what difficulties or setbacks they faced during the show, they were ready for the challenge.