By Colin Condon ‘20

When you live in a place like Chicago, you know how to eat, where to eat and what to eat. Chicagoans really know how to make pizza, especially Wise Guy’s. Wise Guy’s Pizza is located in the heart of the Southside, Mt. Greenwood. Today, I sat down to try some of this so called delicious pizza, for the first time.

Before I left the house to head over to 3822 W 111th St, I had to understand what I was getting my hands into. So, I sat down and met with a couple of friends of mine to gather their thoughts on this pizza.

Collin McGlynn, a local Wise Guy’s regular, ad Mt. Greenwood resident, said, “Wise Guy’s is a small place to grab an on-the-go snack. I’ve been munching at this spot since the womb. With low prices and great pizza, you will leave satisfied.”

Before I got my hands on a slice, I wanted to get a second opinion from current Crusader pitcher, Luke Whirity, to see what he has to say on the pizza. Whirity, also a Mt. Greenwood resident said, “Wise Guy’s is the total package. Where else would you rather eat pizza than Mt. Greenwood? Great prices, great service, great pizza and most of all, great location.”

After hearing these reviews, I decided to give Wise Guy’s Pizza a go.

I must agree with Whirity and McGlynn. The service was excellent, and for $3.00 a slice, I simply couldn’t argue with that.

My initial reaction was, “Dang, this is heavy for a slice of pizza.”

Like most Chicago pizza, it was thick, cheesy and messy. The ingredients tasted fresh like no other. It reminded me of a pizza that you would get at a football game. Greasy as heck and sloppy as can be.

I can’t say I didn’t like my slice, but I’ve definitely had better. I like a little bit more char on pizza as well as a more flavorful sauce to complement the crust. Also, with the thickness of the pizza, a drink is a necessity.

Everyone knows that offensive linemen love to eat. After I finished my slice, I connected with Jack O’Leary, current center and guard for the Brother Rice football team to compare thoughts on the pizza.

“I have one word to describe my experience at Wise Guy’s,” he said.


“I had about three slices when I first tried Wise Guy’s. Each one got better and better. I had no idea that this hidden gem would be lying right under my nose. My life changed that day, and I only eat pizza at Wise Guy’s now because everything else is inferior,” said O’Leary.

Lastly, I talked to Jim “Jimbo” Maguire if there was anything he would change about the pizzeria.

Jimbo said, “If I could change something, it would have to be the size of the place. I feel like they would get more happily paying customers like myself if the overall size of the restaurant was more open and just bigger in general.”

Personally, I am a huge fan of Wise Guy’s, now that I’ve had it. I highly recommend it to all, even if you aren’t a fan of Chicago Style pizza.

On a scale of 10, I would have to give this slice a solid 7.7.