By Luke Drew ‘24

As winter break comes to an end, the second semester at Brother Rice starts. It is now time for students to sign up for basketball intramurals.

Last year, Brother Rice introduced intramural basketball in January for students to join. The season was fun to watch, but Team Ivers managed to win the championship. This year senior teams are determined to win the championship.

Senior Tommy Sloyan said,” I’m really excited to bring it home with the guys this year. Winning is my determination!”

The captains meeting for intramural basketball is on January 9. The kickoff to the intramural basketball season is on January 11.

Senior Mikey Horan said, “I’m very excited for the first game of the season. Also I can’t wait to ball out against Team Amado on Thursday.”

This year, senior teams have some competition. Junior Tater Klinger’s team can be a threat to all senior teams. Team Klinger has some former Brother Rice basketball players on their team.

Senior Ronan Culkin said, “Team Klinger does not scare me one bit. Yeah, they might be talented, but we are not letting a junior team win the championship.”

If you’re a student at Brother Rice, a college student, or even out of college and have nothing to do, basketball intramurals is a fun thing to do. Intramurals offer many opportunities to get involved in sports for students in all years and skills levels.