By Joe Fitzgerald ‘19

When I think of my time at Rice,

Not every day was always nice.

Some were hard, some were sad,

Some made me feel really bad.

Some days I cried, some days I failed,

Some days I felt sick and bailed.

But never did I doubt in my mind,

Going to Brother Rice was God’s design.

From joyful after school talks with my friends,

To summer practices we thought would never end.

The moments that once seemed so small,

Ended up being the biggest of them all.

Times full of happiness like these you see,

Are the ones that warm our hearts and make us feel glee.

Although I must now move on,

My time here will never be frowned upon.

People all around me have extended themselves,

Turning me into the best version of myself.

Making my future oh so bright,

Just like Blessed Edmund being a guiding light.

Now when I pass that good old school,

It makes time feel so miniscule.

Everything happened much too fast,

Time slips by when you’re having a blast.

The hour will come when the bell rings one final time,

It will be bittersweet hearing that chime.

But don’t forget the memories in our hearts we keep,

For we will sweetly dream when we go to sleep.

We will always be Crusaders,

And we helped make this school even greater.

After all leaving Brother Rice will be sad,

But I’ll always cherish the times we’ve had.