By Tommy Scott ‘24

The current conflict in Israel has a complex history dating back over 70 years. In 1947, the United Nations came up with a plan to split Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. This plan was rejected by Arab leaders. This rejection has led to years of conflict and tension between the religions.

The most recent conflict started on Oct. 7 when Hamas attacked the Gaza Strip in Israel, supposedly launching over 5,000 rockets and killing more than 8,000. Of the 8,000 killed, 3,400 were children.

Senior Eoin Cox said, “These attacks are brutal, and these kids need to be saved.”

Hamas is the governing body of Gaza, which many consider a terrorist group due to its use of violence to maintain control of Gaza. This group is to blame for the 8,000 dead in Israel.

This conflict has been going on for 24 days now, and Israel does not plan to end the war peacefully. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he wants to come out of this war as a hero for destroying Hamas. Many believe this will lead to a long war.

Senior Owen McShane said, “This war needs to end sooner rather than later. So many have died already, and people will continue to die if the war doesn’t end.”

We will continue praying for those affected by this tragedy, and hope for a peaceful end to this conflict.