By Henry Barsch ‘20

I am sure I am like every other Bears fan in Chicago when I say that last Sunday’s game against the Eagles was just absolutely brutal. Gut wrenching. Abysmal. Painful.

Every adjective you can come up with will not equate to how I felt watching the first half of “football” the Bears played.

To sum up how bad that half was, the Bears finished the half with nine total yards of offense. The Bears had just one first down to account for. At one point, the Bears had negative one yards of offense. They could not even generate enough plays going forwards to gain yardage.

The play calling by Coach Matt Nagy was brutal and did not incorporate David Montgomery’s run game enough, and Nagy also has no faith left in Mitch Tribusky to make simple plays. Mitch played terribly, and his statline reflects that of a 1940s quarterback. He threw for 125 yards, no touchdowns, and for a 66.6 rating (out of 158.3).

By the half, the Bears were losing 12-0. That is truly astonishing, as the Eagles had possession of the ball for more than 20 minutes. The Bears, on the other hand, had less than 10 minutes of possession. For an Eagles team that picked up 203 yards of offense in the first half alone, it is almost awful that they only came away with 12 points.

The Bears’ defense made it as difficult as possible to score, and they resumed their top-notch play on Sunday.

If you enjoy a game of defense and Pat O’Donnell punting, this game was for you. But for the overwhelming majority of people who watched the game, I am sure they turned off the television at one point or another. As for myself, I took a nap during the last couple of minutes in the first half, which ended up lasting the rest of the game. I could not bear (pun totally intended) to watch any more of this awful game, the worst half from a Bears team since 1979.

I am sure Packers fans everywhere are celebrating the implosion of our beloved team, especially with the Bears being 3-5 at 9 weeks into the season. If the Bears somehow turned this around this week and won out, they could finish 11-5 and probably make the playoffs. But after that dumpster fire I saw last Sunday, I think we should just keep a low profile and secure a good draft position.

Even though I hated everything about Sunday’s game, there was some good in the second half. Rookie David Montgomery did rush for two touchdowns, and he gives me some faith in this team.

Frustrated Bears fan Anthony Matejko said, “I gave up.” Another fan, Kevin Plumb, said, “The Bears are a disgrace to the city of Chicago.”

No matter how bad they play, I will still cheer for the Bears every week. Maybe fans like Anthony and Kevin will regain hope soon. Hopefully they can start winning before I have myself, along with the rest of Chicago, a heart attack.

Go Bears.