By Tyler Wojcik ‘24

The Chicago Cubs have emerged from the All-Star break with a huge turnaround, leaving fans and analysts in awe of their new style of play. With a string of impressive victories, the Cubs have transformed from a below average team to a wild card/ playoff team contender.

Senior Seamus Hanley said, “I am not the biggest Cubs fan, but after the All-Star break, these guys have a great competitive attitude and are always striving to win.”

Since the All-Star break concluded in mid-July, the Cubs have compiled an impressive 22-12 record. Their recent victories has seen them in second place in the National League Central, 5 games behind the Brewers. Manager David Ross’s leadership has been a huge role in the Cubs’ victories recently.

Senior Colin Welniak said, “Cody Bellinger after the All-Star Break is looking like an MVP candidate.”

One key factor in the Cubs’ success has been their ability to perform in clutch situations. Late-inning comebacks and walk-off wins have become a trademark of this team, leaving fans on the edge of their seats, and filling Wrigley Field with lots of excitement.

The front office’s strategic moves at the trade deadline have also paid dividends. Acquiring reliable relievers has added depth and stability to the roster, further enhancing their chances of a deep playoff run.

Senior Kevin Worthy said, “The Cubs are playing like they did in 2016. I see lots of potential in them for the playoffs coming up.”

As the North Side faithfully packed the historic Wrigley Field, the roar of “Go, Cubs, Go!” can be heard echoing through the streets of Chicago once again. The Cubs are back in business, and they’re determined and excited to make this season a great turnaround for themselves, the team, and most importantly the fans.