By Marco Braschi ‘19

According to, 54% of student athletes report they have played while injured. Injuries are very common and with injuries, come medical attention. In light of this, a new class called Athletic Training was introduced this past school year.

The class is taught by Mr. Kyle Watson, who recently took up Brother Rice’s Athletic Trainer position. “When I was interviewed by the school, they mentioned they wanted to do an Athletic Training Class, and I said, ‘That’s great! I always like to inspire as many kids as I can to join my field,’” said the newly hired Mr. Watson.

Athletic Training student Pat Flynn said, “With Kyle being a certified athletic trainer, he knows the basics as well as the details of sports injuries and treating them correctly.”

Available to sophomores through seniors, students enrolled in Athletic Training learn of common sports injuries and methods of treating them. “Some of the topics we learn about in the class are Anatomy, injury prevention, injury diagnosis, medical terminology, and right now we are learning about concussions.”

As with everything in life, practice makes perfect. Athletic Training students suit up and help out Mr. Watson on the sidelines during home basketball and football games.

“Having some of the students be present for games is crucial. There’s only so much you can learn in the classroom so in college for an athletic training degree, you will have an actual class where you go out and learn under an athletic trainer,” said Mr. Watson.

Athletic Training student Dan Reardon said that this experience teaches him the importance of sport safety and how to treat everyday injuries with the correct care. He said, “I enjoy the hands on lessons that we are given.”